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Sport Insider is owned and operated by Sport Insider.

Sport Insider is one of us and europe's leading partners for managing video on demand services. We offer our services on all screens such as tv, iptv, internet, mobile and ott devices. Part of our service is content acquisition and aggregation, marketing and programming, content processing, software services and on screen promotion.

We offer comprehensive and customizable Market Expansion Services along the entire value chain, from sourcing to after-sales services, taking care of our business partners’ products as if they were our own. Our business activities are organized into highly specialized Business Units that mirror our fields of expertise.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the on demand & pay-per-view consumer television, internet mobile markets and broadcasting industry enables us to offer expert-level management and consultancy to some of the biggest international brand names in the media marketplace.

We deliver our services to to over 4 million households with set top boxes, and providing mobile video services that reach over 10 million subscribers.

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You can contact us by email: [email protected]

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