Santi Cazorla injury the worst Arsene Wenger has seen

Arsene Wenger believes Santi Cazorla's long-standing ankle injury is the worst he has ever seen but refused to rule out a January return for the midfielder.

Santi Cazorla is training hard, battling his post-injury days with a lot of stress, because it seems that his ankle is not getting better.

Cazorla injured himself more than a year ago, and he is out from the field from October, 2016.

He was injured in a game between Arsenal and Ludogorets. Arsenal did won the game, but with a big price for Cazorla.

Santi Cazorla had eight operations in the last year, and he is ensuring us that he is much better now, posting videos on his social media profiles, training hard and standing tall on his two feet.

Alas, he admits that his injured leg is almost useless, as he has no strength in it, and is unable to train like before.

For Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger, that is enough to keep Cazorla out of the game, at least until January, 2018.

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10 months ago

cazorla is out of the picture, iam afraid!


10 months ago

cazorla can't play in junior league now.....


10 months ago

poor, poor santi, he is finished.......


9 months ago

cazorla should thrust wenger


9 months ago

he is all over

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