Cologne v Arsenal Europa League match preview

An in-depth preview ahead of the Cologne v Arsenal match in the Europa League on November 23.

The big game is today, at FC Cologne's stadium in Köln, Germany. Köln's team will clash against one of the best teams in the world - Arsenal.

Köln will have to win in two upcoming games, if they want to have any chance of qualifying for UEFA Europa League Group H.

The Gunners are already in the group, and for them this will be an easy match, whether they win or lose.

Two teams had one match earlier this year, on September 14. Arsenal was victorious with 3-1 score.

Will this first game's score going to be a grim predicament for tonight's game, we will have to wait just a little while longer to see, but it will surely be an interesting game!

Find out more predictions about the Cologne v Arsenal game, right now, and click on the video above!

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9 months ago

cologne won?! i cant believe it!


9 months ago

you better believe it hahhaahaha

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