Liverpool won 7-0 over Spartak Moscow, but they are facing a new danger!

The Liverpool boss said he will not be happy with the draw - but that his side will be ready after their 7-0 win over Spartak Moscow.

December the 6th was a sad day for every Spartak Moscow fan out there, as their favorite team has lost to Liverpool with a shameful result: 7-0!

Philippe Coutinho was brilliant, with his hat-trick performance.

Other 4 (four!) goals for Liverpool scored: Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane (two goals).

The Reds dominated from the very start of the match, until the very end, and Spartak Moscow's boys seemed like little children, playing against such a superior opponent.

Never the less, Liverpool is now facing a real harsh time, as they are waiting to find out who will be their next rival.

And the list is nothing to be relaxed about, with Real Madrid and, Juventus as possible future opponents!

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