Brazil pitch invasion met with batons and rubber bullets

A Brazilian top-flight league match had to be abandoned in the 82nd minute on November 26 after fans invaded the pitch.

If you live in Brazil, any part of that big country mind you, you are almost bound to be hooked on football.

Every man, woman and child is a big football fan, and thousands of kids are trying their best to become next big name in the game.

It is not so strange to hear that, among such avid fans, sometimes passion takes control over the mind.

That is just what has happened during the game between Ponte Preta and Vitoria, on November 26, at Moises Lucarelli stadium.

Ponte Preta led 2-0, early in the first half, but Vitoria players managed to score two goals, making it a tie.

Ponte Preta fans didn't like what was going on, so they decided to help their team, by coming out on the field.

Hooligans smashed the guarding fence, and soon enough there was a fight between Ponte Preta and Vitoria supporters.

Watch the whole thing, and click on the video above!

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