Manchester City on its way to have the BIGGEST mid-season lead in Premier League history

Manchester City could be on course to hold the biggest mid-season lead in Premier League history.

Only three teams have had double-figure leads at the halfway point of the Premier League.

Chelsea did it in a 2005/2006 season, being on the top with 11 points over Manchester United. They won the league by eight points.

And way back during 1995/1996 season Newcastle managed to pull it off with 10 points over Manchester United. But they didn't have enough luck or skill, because, in the end, Man United won by four points!

Now we go even more further into the past, in the season of 1993/1994, when Manchester United did it. They led the league by 12 points, and they secured their first place with the 4-0 win over Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.

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