Arsene Wenger is not pleased with Arsenal's play against Nottingham Forest

Arsene Wenger admitted he was hurting after Arsenal surrendered their grip on the FA Cup with defeat to Nottingham Forest.

The FA Cup match of the weekend was certainly one between Nottingham Forest and Arsenal.

The Gunners lost 2-4 against Forest, and their manager Arsene Wenger was very emotional about it.

Scorers for the Nottingham Forest were Eric Lichaj in 20th and 44th minute, Ben Brereton in 64th minute and Kieran Dowell in 85th minute of the game.

Joe Worrall got a red card at the very end of the match.

And Per Martesacker scored one goal for Arsenal in 23rd minute. The second goal was by Danny Welbeck in 79th minute of the play.

Find out what Arsene Wenger had to say post-game, and click on the video above!

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