Jay Ajayi wants to play against the New England Patriots

Jay Ajayi of the Philadelphia Eagles say his team need to remember that the Super Bowl is 'just another game' ahead of the match against the New England Patriots in Minnesota.

Oluwadamiola Jonathan Ajayi AKA Jay Ajayi is the 24-year-old running back for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ajayi was born on June 15, 1993 in London, England, to Nigerian parents. The family moved to Maryland, US, when Ajayi was only seven years old.

Ending up in Texas, he finished Frisco Liberty high school, where he was excellent at playing football.

Ajayi's big chance was in 2015, when he was picked by the Miami Dolphins, in round 5 of the NFL draft.

He stayed with the Dolphins until 2017, when he was transferred to the Eagles.

Find out what he has to say about Super Bowl, and Eagles' future, and click on this video!

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7 months ago

Jay Ajayi is right!


7 months ago

eagles have no future!! hoho


7 months ago

go new england patriots!!!!


7 months ago

p a t r i o t s <3


7 months ago

Jay Ajayi won a Super Bowl. Now will he get what he really wants?

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