Antonio Conte talks about Chelsea's lost against Barcelona

Antonio Conte felt Chelsea had come close to playing a "perfect game" against Barcelona, but said one mistake cost them in the 1-1 draw in the first leg of their Champions League second round clash.

Yesterday evening we had a chance to enjoy another Champions League game between two big football clubs - Chelsea and Barcelona.

Both teams didn't make any goals in the first half of the match, but with the second half, nets started shaking!

Willian Borges da Silva scored the first goal of the game, in the 62nd minute, but little less than 15 minutes later, Barcelona's star scorer Lionel Messi made a tie result of 1-1, and with that result the match ended.

Chelsea's manager Antonio Conte is not happy with a tie, but he thinks that his boys made an almost perfect game.

Conte is under an impression that only one mistake by The Blues made possible for Barcelona to score their goal.

Find out all about it, in the video above!

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6 months ago

boys u played good!!!


6 months ago

gooooo chelsea!


6 months ago

this was shameful !


6 months ago



6 months ago

of course they lost, come on they played like my granny during the hall game!


6 months ago



6 months ago

bravo conte!


6 months ago

best club in the world - CHELSEA!


6 months ago

And that lack of experience could make all the difference...


6 months ago

extra motivation. that is what this boys needed.

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