Pep Guardiola's political views will have effect on his manager career

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says he will accept the repercussions from the FA for wearing a yellow ribbon in support of imprisoned Catalan politicians.

Eight men and women who once governed seven million Catalans are being held in two separate jails.

A third prison, near Madrid, holds two prominent pro-independence activists: Jordi Sànchez, and Jordi Cuixart.

The two are under investigation for sedition over a protest in September, in which a crowd The imprisonment of two prominent activists and eight former ministers is made more unusual by the fact that most of them were in the middle of a political campaign.

One of the imprisoned politician's supporters is Manchester City's manager Pep Guardiola, who had a yellow ribbon on his sweater.

Guardiola wore the ribbon at Wembley, druing the Carabao Cup final against Arsenal, last Sunday.

He was charged a week before, for wearing a political message, by the English Football Association.

Guardiola thinks that his political opinion shouldn't anger the FA, or any other football association.

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6 months ago

for real?


6 months ago

of course, well come on people, you can have political opinion when it comes for sport


6 months ago



6 months ago

Guardiola bravo! everybody needs to act like u did! everything is political!


6 months ago

bravo Guardiola! nice act!


6 months ago

support! support! support!


6 months ago

come on people his private plane was searched at Barcelona's El Prat airport. I mean, whaat?


6 months ago

"If I wear the ribbon (as) support for the people with AIDS, it's not for the right or left." True that!!!


6 months ago

such a nice act!

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