Tottenham's manager is sceptical about the new Video Assistant Referee

The Video Assistant Referee was again the centre of attention during Tottenham's FA Cup replay against Rochdale at Wembley.

For many of years, football relied on a quick and smart decisions of referees, and there was no other man nor machine that was capable of ruling on a football field.

But, last year, everything has changed, when the new computerized system has been introduced to the world of football.

Video assistant referee or VAR is an association football assistant referee that reviews decisions made by the head referee, with the help of video footage.

The use of VAR led to many comments - some positive, and some negative, but one thing is for sure - the system works, whether you like it or not.

For the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino, VAR is just not a good thing.

Pochettino thinks that VAR is killing the emotional and spontaneous part of the football match.

Tottenham's last game was against Rochdale. Tottenham won with an incredible score of 6 to 1.

Son Heung-min scored two goals for the Tottenham, Fernando Llorente was a man of the game with a hat-trick, and Kyle Walker-Peters put the last one in the net, at the very end of the game.

Stephen Humphrys tried to save Rochdale's honor, with his goal in 31st minute.

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ian eo

6 months ago



6 months ago

don't need to be sceptical!!!!!!!


6 months ago



6 months ago

the best club in the woooooorld!


6 months ago

healthy scepticism when it comes to sports..what everybody needs.


6 months ago

adding a video-assistant referee (VAR) to the officiating staff at football matches was supposed to drag the game into the 21st century...


6 months ago

come on people it's 2018!!!!!!!!

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