Wenger: Arsenal in 'difficult patch' and lacked confidence

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says team is going through a "difficult patch" and lacked confidence following his side's 3-0 defeat to Manchester City in the Premier League.

On March 1, Thursday, Arsenal played against Manchester City on the Gunners' Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners have lost with a score 0-3.

Manchester City's goal scorers were Bernardo Silva in 15th minute, David Silva in 28th minute and Leroy Sane in 33rd minute of the game.

Last week, Arsene Wenger was all over the media. The manager of Arsenal is under a heavy fire, once again, as many evil tongues are speaking about him leaving The Gunners for good.

Wenger said that he does not listen to that kind of gossip, and that his mind and soul are on the field.

But, Arsenal is not doing so well in the Premiere League, and Wenger doesn't seems to have any idea how to make better results with his team.

Find out more about the match between Manchester City and Arsenal, and click on the video above.

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6 months ago



6 months ago

bravo bravo Wenger!!


6 months ago



6 months ago

"doesn't seems to have any idea how to make better results with his team". Well, it's your job to know.


6 months ago

their confidence has plummeted...


6 months ago

a difficult game...


6 months ago

lacked confidence, really? i mean really?

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