Jamie Carragher is sorry about spitting on a little girl

Jamie Carragher arrives at London Euston station and offers an apology after he appeared to spit at a 14-year-old girl in a video following Manchester United's 2-1 victory over Liverpool at Old Trafford.

The former Liverpool's defender and current manager of The Reds Jamie Carragher is passionate about his job. And that is a good thing. But, he is a sore loser. And that is a bad thing. Especially when you spit at 14-year-old girls, after your team loses in the Premiere League's match against Manchester United.

Liverpool F. C. lost the game at Old Trafford on Saturday against Manchester United with final score 2-1.

United started the game with Marcus Rashford's goal in 14th minute, and ten minutes later Rashford was once again at the right place at the right time, putting another one in Liverpool's net.

Liverpool wouldn't have a goal in this game, if there wasn't for Manchester United's centre-back Eric Bailly, who managed to make an own goal in 66th minute, making the score 2-1.

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5 months ago

whaaat he did, spitt on a girl???????!


5 months ago

xaxaxxa can't belive what he did!


5 months ago

whyyyyyy for god sake?

irish girl

4 months ago

oh, come on man, a little girl!????


4 months ago

what an asshole !


4 months ago

got to be kidding me?!


4 months ago

xaxaxaxxa jamie xaxax


4 months ago

no waaay, XD XD crying...


4 months ago

omg, why?!!!

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