Ryan Giggs is anxious about the China Cup match tomorrow

Ryan Giggs has expressed his pride ahead of managing Wales for the first time - and admits he will be far more nervous than he ever was as a Manchester United player.

Ryan Giggs is the 44-year-old midfielder from Canton, Wales. Giggs was an excellent player, spending his whole senior career in Manchester United.

Giggs has spent 24 years playing for Man United, with 672 appearances for the United, and 114 goals.

He has 64 appearances for Wales national team, with 12 goals for Wales.

After Giggs has retired as a professional football player, he became the manager of Manchester United.

Giggs left the position of United's manager in 2016, and from 2018 he is the new manager of Wales national team.

Giggs' first trial is tomorrow, in Semi-final of China Cup. Wales will be playing against the host of the event - China.

For Giggs, this is more of a stressful situation than being a player on the field.

The other Semi-final match in China Cup is between Uruguay and Czech Republic, and it is set for Friday, March 23.

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5 months ago

i am anxious too....


5 months ago

well, he should be...


5 months ago

ryan was such a good player!


5 months ago

don't lie...


5 months ago

why HE is anxious?!

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